Sunday, March 25, 2007

* * * * The Yacoubian Building

The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al Aswany

I love this book. It is about the inhabitants of the Yacoubian Building, some of which rent space on the roof. There is a huge cast of characters and I enjoyed the switching from chapter to chapter, giving a real challenge in remembering who is who (but the author kindly provides a list of characters at the beginning of the book). I just didn't want it to end and felt that the ending was a little abrupt leaving a few lives with an unsatisfactorily end.


Katlynn's Momma said...

ooooo, sounds very interesting. I love when books are about more than one character, like the Poisonwood Bible.

Debi Cates said...

Sounds like a good read. I'd prefer a book with an ending that doesn't leave me hanging, but a good read with an unsatisfactory ending is better than a mediocre read with a satisfactory ending, don't you think?

Wonder why some authors just stop the story without some resolutions like that?

Rima said...

Thanks for mentionning this book - I hadn't been aware of it, but I will definitely look it up now. You've got yourself a fun blog there, I'll be checking back in often. Happy Easter!