Sunday, October 29, 2006

Click Here For A Bright Idea

The single best thing you can do for yourself and the environment! These bulbs have become reasonably priced and can be replaced a few at a time or as your old bulb burns out. Do it!


Debi Cates said...

I had a couple of bulbs burn out over the weekend. I went ahead and replaced them with the incandescent ones I have on hand, but next time I go shopping I'll buy a fluorescent one or two and start replacing them, as you suggest, one by one.

Grannie said...

You don't need to buy any. I am sending you enough for you and Jorge. I bought "daylight" replacements today. This weekend I'll get them changed.

Sarmad said...

So glad to see people in "Bush" country taking care of the environment. You can get those in "warmglow" and "daylight". Even if you still use incandescent light bulbs the difference between 100W and 75W is not that big.

Just in case you’re wondering who I am, I am Linda’s husband, Debi’s friend and co-host of BHS70s. I’m not sure if we ever met but I was at BHS when Debi was there. Ask Debi about me. I got to your blog through Debi’s. Hope you don’t mind.

Grannie said...

So nice to hear from you Sarmad! Thanks for you and Linda checking out our old home in Jouret!

Yes beleive it or not there are folks here who try to protect the environment despite the message that our leaders send.