Sunday, October 08, 2006

Bumper Sticker

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"You already know that when it comes to our nation's roads, all wildlife deserves a brake. Now with your free Give Wildlife a Brake™ bumper sticker, you can spread the word to your fellow motorists. Careful driving is particularly important during the spring and fall, when many animals are most active."


Audrey said...

Ordered! =D


Debi Cates said...

I agree and it's good to know there are more active seasons than others. I even stop to help turtles across the road.

One cautionary story, though: When Antigone was about 2 years old and I was all of 18 or 19 myself, I was driving on Andrews Highway late one night. A jackrabbit jumped out in front of me and I hit the brakes hard to avoid it. I almost lost control of the car, swerving all over the place. It was a very scary lesson for me.

So, yes, brake, but please dear loved ones, don't kill yourself in the process!