Sunday, June 17, 2007

Look Up/Look Down

Tower near my home.

Oh lucky day! Found 15 cents.


Debi Cates said...

I had to laugh at your "look down" picture. Of course a photo of found money would be perfect for you. I was surprised you picked the tower -- not the typical thing of beauty I'd expect you to turn you camera eye to. The clouds are wonderful in it.

Bobbie said...

I found new appreciation for Donna's photos when I tried to take a picture of doves on a telephone wire. When I got close enough to click my camera they flew away! She must have infinite patience to get the wonderful shots she posts on her blog.

Katlynn's Momma said...

I love your look down and that was a fairly big found money day. I saw a dime the other day while walking up flights of stairs and did not pick it up. (Katlynn had to go to the bathroom) And I have this regret inside me. How weired.

Frances said...

Lovely laugh out loud picture.
Unexpected riches!
I agree, I would love to know how Donna takes those beautiful pics, I find the same problem, by the time I get the shot right they have gone - I haven't got used to digital at all. Even my daughter can escape me - she turns her head at the moment of focus... clever girl.

Frances said...

The sky is fantastic in your tower pic. brooding.