Thursday, November 29, 2007

Mountain Keeps Moving Dream

This is a recurring dream since childhood whenever I am very ill. I am in the desert and it is very hot and dry. I am trying to find a way out. I walk towards the sun and a mountain appears. I try to walk around it, but it moves into my path again, I try to go over it but it is too steep. In frustration I give up and go back in the opposite direction where the mountain appears again. I wish to understand it better and so I'd love to read your comments.


Debi said...

I know it's kind of silly to keep saying I LOVE THIS, but...I LOVE THIS.

I'm crazy for those saturated, hot colors -- like a fever is. And that mountain is imposing, just as I imagine it is in your dream. And that little girl, with her hat and bare legs. She looks so small compared to that big ol' mountain. Even forsaken. You've made us want her to be able to reach the other side, from where those rays emanate.

Mom, you are awesome! I can tell you are having a good time with this dream series. Me, too!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Before I dash to work I want to just say wow and wow again. I will be back to give a more thoughtful comment, but how i feel is uplifted. We seem to be on a parallel path with our use of color these days. *grin*
~sue o'kieffe

Hannah's Mom said...

Like Debi, I love the colors. Those are the colors I corelate with the desert. Maybe the dream is saying to you... Stay put! You can not escape this. :) I don't know... LOL

I love it Bobbie!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Wow! Wow again! This is just lovely. I really like your illustration of your dream. (Debi and I would need to have our cameras on hand if we were there of course!lol)
The little lone girl, the dramatic skies and volcano like rocks. I have know idea what it means though. I assume you would have tried to look it up in dream books?

Also can you please drop me a line on my blog and let me know how you make it there? I am confused! I just get to everyones by clicking on their names in the comments! Thankyou :)

Kris Cahill said...

The first thing I noticed is the light glowing from the other side of the mountain, and so it made me think you were trying to get to that light. Perhaps to let it shine on you. Maybe it's a healing light, or it will shine a light onto the frustration?

That's what I was drawn to, but the whole piece is simply beautiful! I love the orange brilliance of it all.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

I think dream interpretation is interesting, but ultimately it is the dreamer's experience that is the most telling. if i were looking at this image without your explanation of the dream, i would never guess that there was anything resembling frustration associated with it.

in my world mountains are magical, inspirational places...power spots (thinking of mt shasta some five hours from me)...with energy so intense it's difficult to stay grounded. i think of the song "climb every mountain" and have no sense of foreboding but one of hope. when i look at this image i see a little girl on a path to finding her way home. i sense her being shown by god her own divinity.

now i remember from a previous post that you have climbed a few mountains in your lifetime. how did you feel climbing them, anyway?

~sue o'kieffe

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

WOW again!! This dreams series is spectacular!! I think you have found your niche.

The interpretations seem to be already done ... the colors and the image are great!

~ Diane Clancy

Sweet Irene said...

A beautiful image and a frustrating dream. What can it mean? I can't begin to analyze it, that would be presumptuous of me. You sure know how to make some very fine images, though. You are a whiz at this. The little girl is so sweet, but so forlorn. I want to give her a hug and take her away to a green meadow with flowers in it. The mountain is too big for her.

Frances said...

I think Irene is so close to what you are saying. Next time you have that dream, wait awhile and Irene will come along and take you by the hand to a lovely green cool place away from the feverish desert and the mirage obstacle.
Beautiful beautiful picture and it looks like a picture of high fever to me. Too much for a little one to handle.
When we are sick we do become like children again, don't we?

Bev said...

A brilliant picture. Reminds of the phrase 'moving mountains', when something is very difficult, as it is when you are ill. I wouldn't have thought of the fever aspect but people have mentioned it and I can see that too. You seem to dream very poetically and symbolically! Sadly, I only dream about prosaic matters like someone who has been bugging me lol

Bobbie said...

Debi, I remember now that she wanted to reach that other side so bad! I am having a good time with the dream series, but am sadly running out of (unusual) dreams.

Sue, We do seem to be the same path with these bright colors :) You must have influenced me during my dream..he he. Yes, I have climbed a few mountains and really like it when I get to the top. We used to go arrowhead hunting up a steep mountain and those were the days..ahhh.

Windy, That is what I love about the desert, the way the whole landscape changes when the sun is low. The colors become so intense.

Lisa, I haven't looked in dream books, but maybe I should! Wouldn't that be fun if you and Debi would come and take

Chris, that healing light would be so good as I always feel terribly sick when I have this kind of dream.

Bobbie said...

Diane, sorry I missed you. Yes, I think this kind of imagry is my niche and I will be exploring it further in my next series. I know what it will
be and already have a few ideas.

Everyone, thank you for your comments and they do help me decipher some of these dreams. I think they hold some answers for me.

Rima said...

it took me a while to write about this (well, not only because my mind is molasses these days). I think I don't want to interpret this beautiful image - I just want to feel it. I like the emotional impact and I'd rather get lost in that - believe it or not, i feel like i'm floating in the heat of it (I almost wrote the heart of it - which applies here too).

I love how you're developping this visionary sort of series - love all of them

Neda said...

I don't know what I can add to all the above except to say that I think this is yet another favorite of mine. There is an eerie surrealistic feel to it, but not in a scary way. Rather I feel it is very spiritual with the little girl -- in her impeccable dress and hat -- reaching for higher goals. I LOVE IT!! REALLY! TRULY!!

Bobbie said...

Thank you Rima and Neda. Your comments mean a lot to me. I appreciate your taking time to give me your feedback. :)