Friday, November 16, 2007

Rattlesnake Dreams Collage

I hope this dream doesn't shock you too much. At least not anymore than it did me when when I dreamed it. I've dreamed of snakes for most of my adult years and dislike these dreams intensely. I usually wake up sweaty with my heart pounding in fear. But this recent dream was different because I actually captured the beast and flung it into the woods. I'll be most interested to hear your interpretation of my dream.

For those who wonder: I used digital clip art to make this collage in Adobe Photoshop. The collage is my own idea using pasted and embellished clip art, except for the moon and background swirl which I "drew".


Bev said...

Great Bobbie, I LOVE your dream images! Inspite of the fact this probably deals with hidden fears it is a beautiful image and has a kind of 'terrible beauty'! And I am unshockable!

I have dreamt of snakes too. Once I woke on a camping holiday, imagining a piece of ribbon hanging down from the tent was a snake. I think it has to do with unconscious fears, probably about ruthless and callous people you may have met. There is something funny about the snake, it is not like you or I, as I often thought when looking at the snakes belonging to my husband. I don't think they have ordinary emotions! I refer you to the snake in tkhe Garden of Eden. Great to hear you fought back here, though!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

i dont think snakes are at all evil. in fact, in some cultures, snakes are symbols of fertility and creativity. so much of our fear about snakes is culture based, i think. i think of snakes as symbols of rebirth, transformation and creativity, and you certainly met the mark here. toss away your fear and embrace your gift. this is a powerful, potent image
~Sue O'Kieffe

Debi said...

Is it wrong of me to wish you continue to have these powerful, mysterious dreams and visions? The visuals you create to go with them take my breath away! I love your use of light, color, and composition. All have this zen-like perfection -- an irreducibility, if that makes sense. You have found your milieu.

As far as interpretations, Sue has provided you with a great one -- renewal, creativity, and fearlessness. Sounds just about right with your freshly discovered talent in Photoshop, doesn't it?

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

I am with Sue on the interpretation of snakes .. and also I have heard them being sexuality too.

Incredible image!! I have had snake dreams too. I think it is great that you conquered it this time.

Perhaps it is a combo - conquering fears and also your creativity.

Did Kay enjoy?

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Wow - powerful image, both symbolically and esthetically. Very interesting and very personal. I love the moon and the swirling light. Can I just do a bit of free-form thinking here? I think you interpreted your dream very well in this creation. By choosing a purplish magenta for the snake, you've "defanged" it - sorry for the pun - you have reduced its power to frighten. Is it because you were victorious over your fear of it in the dream? or is it because you saw it in this "feminine" colour and were then able to reach out and cast it away?
It's true that the snake symbol is a very powerful, universal one. It can represent any number of things: sexuality like Diane wrote, fertility and creativity like Sue pointed out - but also fear of the mysterious, the unknown, the silent and powerful ennemies, real and imagined, both from our past or our present.
Most important in that dream I think is the action that you took - even though it's a viscerally terrifying encounter, you literally put your hand on that fear, brought it into perspective and got rid of it. Not by killing it, mind you, but by moving it back to where it really belongs - the woods (but we won't go into the woods now). So it will still be there, and you know it will still be there - but it will not terrify you again. How's that for Bobbie power?
So, creativity? fear? the past? you decide - and thank you for sharing this with us. for some reason, I found this artwork energizing and strong. Which is how I think of you too. Kudos!

Anonymous said...

After reading everyones posts...I'm not sure what this says about me, but snakes, even pretty purple ones really, really creep me out! Bobbie, I am glad this is your dream and NOT would make for a very restless night.

Belinda said...

never dreamt of snakes! yet your collage is beautiful and i love the play of light! the purple snake doesn't look scarry at all.

Frances said...

Could it be a night terror, Bobbie?
I don't know if you get night terrors - I used to frequently and so did (do?) my brothers.
Generally it is a snake or something like that - and often when you wake up you still feel disorientated and may think there really is an enormous snake or whatever. It can be embarrassing if you wake your partner up and warn them only to find it is just your imagination!
I eventually found it was to do with being over-heated, either the room too warm or too much bedding.
The difference, in my understanding is that dreams and nightmares have some sort of narrative whereas night terrors seem to be a sudden experience and you wake up sweating and sometimes shouting or screaming, jumping up or attacking the bedclothes. Looks very silly to other people. I once had a night terror when a whole crowd of friends slept on the floor after a party - that was truly embarrassing. Everyone woke up to see me 'levitating' through the air from the floor to the door screeching at the top of my voice.
Otherwise - in nightmare, I am told, the snake has the symbolic meanings of the devil and temptation, sex and fear of the unknown, treacherous friends or untrustworthy acquaintances....

Neda said...

I like everyone's interpretation..and I think throwing the snake out is like sending it back into nature where it can live without harming you. There is something frightful and seductive in your imagery and I can't wrap my mind around it yet...Good job.

Lisa Sarsfield said...

This is a very nice image. This must be a theraputic time for you working through your dreams like this. If I was to be dreaming about snakes you'd no doubt hear me all the way from NZ!