Thursday, December 27, 2007

Abstract Apply Image I

I can't take credit for this wonderful abstract. I have to thank Debi, for pointing this out and describing how to do it in photoshop, and John for sharing your technique step-by-step. If you haven't seen John's works click here for a delight. John would call this image


John (Copyright JMM 2007) said...

Lovely, but I want to use this image for process entry in my blog - do not know etiquette and do not wish to meddle. Let me know, if you can.

What I see in blog world is an amazing opportunity to kindly share views, ideas with always kindness at heart. Constructive criticism, which I gladly accept myself. A fellowship without a cruel ring.

I will link your blog to my artist page. Thank you, again.

Debi said...

OOOOooo, more inspiration! And yes, ma'am, you too can take credit for this. I didn't invent anything I posted. I just shared what I learned. As John has done too. What you've created is your own vision, as we did. Your very own.

I like the hand coming out of the trees, like God's hand or something. And sitting in this Palm of Divinity is a keet, a pretty purple keet smiling (it seems to me).

I'm missing only one thing..."fox" -- maybe that's best, leaving some divine creator mystery.

P.S. I recognize that strong, manly but gentle hand. ;)

Debi said...

P.P.S. I see the fox now. A Spirit Fox. Wonderful!

P.P.P.S. John is right. It is a wonderful kind fellowship, isn't it?

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Very nice image Bobbie. I love the hand coming out from the trees.
I am inspired to give some of my pictures a digital make over now!
And yes, take credit for the artwork...the idea may not have been yours origianly but this lovely image is!
Hope you had a great christmas!
Lisa :)

Bobbie said...

p.s. The fox is between dh's thumb and index finger...look closely, it is not imaginary :)

Julie said...

It's a beautiful collage as usual! Merry Christmas!

Bev said...

Maybe the hand itself is a little foxy, it certainly has a reddish tint lol

I am waiting on tenterhooks to see more results of this new creative collaboration, because this is great.

Bev said...

A belated Happy Christmas to you and your's Bobbie, I haven't done one before because you don't have done one before as you didn't have a posting at Christmas. You have always commented on my blog, even when nobody else has, and I credit you to showing a rather sentimental side to me, which takes a bit of doing, as I can be a little sarcastic on the blogs, lol I am very grateful for your comments and the lovely art you are creating for us to see. A Happy New Year, and one full of creative opportunities for you.

Bev said...
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Sweet Irene said...

I hope your Christmas was wonderful Bobby and let me be the first to wish you the best for the New Year, in case I don't get around to that before it is time.

I don't pretend to understand your new image. I keep looking at it and hoping I will see more than what I see, but I suppose I will have to keep looking some more, or enlarge the picture.

Thanks for coming by and visiting my blog. Your input and feedback is always very welcome, you know that. You have so many kind words.

I think I will keep showing the whole series of images. I keep being inspired by yours, even when I don't quite understand them. Please keep them coming!

Sweet Irene said...

I get it now, but I am missing the fox, I don't see him at all. I do know now that the keet is the young bird sitting in the hand. That had me mystified for a bit.

Sometimes, I can be quite slow and befuddled.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

This is so so cool!! I have to go over and read John too ... I want to play too! ... very lovely!!

~ Diane Clancy

Hannah's Mom said...

I love this Bobbie!!! Beautiful, just beautiful!!