Monday, December 10, 2007

Doe Mandala

I had a very stress filled day. I managed to get into a small conflict at work which always upsets me when I let myself do this. Next as I left work I noticed a trash pickup truck spewing trash all over the road, so I followed him to his next stop and let him know what he was doing. He said "sorry 'bout that", but somehow I didn't feel that he was sincere. Then I went to Best-Buy to pick up a new router for my home network and they were playing the music that just thumps and hurts your ears. I complained to the manger, who justified it by saying we only do it when a customer requests it...(saying this as other customers were vacating the store, go figure!). Then I came home and installed the new router, but could not get one of the computers to recognize the wireless connection. Consequently it was late when I laid down late for my nap, then later I got up grumpy. So there...that was my day and I feel better now having complained and whined. I think I brought most of this stuff on myself.

So...I made a mandala and know what? The stress is all gone now and I feel great! Hope your day was better than mine :)


Sue O'Kieffe said...

oh bobbie. i am moved by this so much. grounding feminine energy. that's the immediate hit i get. you can fill us in on the particulars later. you know me, i want to ask technical questions.
isn't the process wonderful for bringing us back to center?
keep breathing!

Neda said...

No,you did not bring this upon yourself!Must be Monday (blah!)!

I love the integration of Bambi inside this very elegant mandala. I love the way you "folded" the mandala. YOU ARE AMAZING! Please sign up for the New Zealand show. PLEASE!!!

Debi said...

I have had days like that too with the terrible snowball effect.

I'm glad you found the antidote. I'll have to remember that myself -- create something you love.

Beautiful, peaceful, and centered/centering mandala.

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

I get days like this too. They are a royal drag!!!!!

This mandala is gorgeous!! I didn't even see the deer at first ... that is good ... the overall effect was what got me.

Very beautiful - and so glad it healed you!!

~ Diane Clancy

Bev said...

Beautiful, and the perfect antidote to your day, I would have thought. I like the earthy background tones of the forest.

Quite enjoyed hearing about your day, even though it wasn't very enjoyable for you, obviously. Like the way you gave them all a piece of your mind!

Frances said...

The healing power of creating something beautiful, balancing all those hot angry negative feelings with a positive and absorbing activity - and you came out of it with a LOVELY mandala. It is great. hope the rest of the day is better and tomorrow fresh and cheery.

Julie said...


Lisa Sarsfield said...

Sorry to hear you had a bad day! I hope it's been better since! Rest assured that when you put good out there (as you do) it comes back 3 fold so don't let it get you down!
Love this mandala, sweet doe and awesome earthy colours. At a guess from this and your dream images I would assume that nature is a great healer and comforter for you.
Have fun creating!

Sweet Irene said...

Well, when you turn out such a nice mandala it is no wonder that your stress disappears. You wondrous woman. I can't imagine that you brought any of it on yourself, surely you are not that evil. I think of you as a kind hearted woman. A crusader maybe, but for all the right reasons.

Rima said...

At the end of such a roller-coaster, you managed to create your most beautiful mandala to date. I love that you incorporated the doe - you have elevated this technique to create your very own style now. I can look at this and say, aaahh, a "Bobbie". It brings in the viewer into this bubble of serenity.

As for bad days - I always tell my children, there are no bad days, just some very bad moments. Every day is a good day. It's hard to believe for myself, but I think it's working for the little ones.

Belinda said...

gosh, quite a day you had. but the mandala is just fabulous again. ahem ... i think i see an e-guitar in there :) sorry, cannot help my music taste. one day when i have more time - maybe next year - i'll try your tutorial.

marianne said...

Oh yes terrible, Glad the mandala worked for you to get you out of the spiral. I have these days too.
I love the mandala! I have 2 deer in my front garden.
Have a nice sunday without these kind of stress moments