Sunday, July 22, 2007

Inspiration / Aspiration

My inspiration was these "knockout" roses that I've seen every day at my work. They are heat tolerant, disease tolerant and just a joy to see as they bloom wave after wave.

My aspiration is to be able to grow these wonders in my own garden and enjoy them here too. My favorite digger is laid up with a broken leg and so I am valiantly trying to get them planted. I have 10 to plant, and 5 are planted! But, Lord, it is hot and steamy in East Texas in July!


Rima said...

Thank God for the Jeep, eh? Good luck with the planting!

Debi said...

Oh! The next time we come we'll have even more roses of yours to admire.

What's the name of them?

Please take it slow and easy. We've had some humidity here lately and I don't know how you do it. It just zaps me.

Frances said...

They look so fresh and vibrant. Looking forward to seeing some pictures of them once you get Debi over to do all that planting for you!

Neda said...

Hope hubby recovers quickly. I am happy that you and Debi are chronicling your lives in Texas so the world can really see that we have beautiful vegetation in Texas.

Debi said...

Love the new blogger icon. I'm glad you picked that one. I'll be sure to take even more pictures of you when I'm there next, try not to be so distracted by your beautiful gardens.