Sunday, July 15, 2007

null, nothing, zero, blank, absent, zip, zilch, nada,void

I'm not able to post my entry today. I lost my camera somewhere...I hope I left it at work. I am getting so dad-gummed forgetful. My doctor says there is nothing I can do about it but you know, I just don't believe him and think I'll try someone else. In any case, I posted a photo of my wagon that was taken a few years ago. Keep an eye on the little sapling in the background and when I find my camera I'll show you what it looks like today!


Debi said...

I hope your camera is at work, too. Seems like losing things runs in the family.

I know what the sapling now looks like, but I am going to enjoy seeing the before and after pictures here.

Hannah's Mom said...

I hope your camera is at work too. Cut my arm off now if i dont have my camera. :) I absolutely adore you wagon...

You know what we spotted the other day, I bed frame flower planter...maybe we will do that tomorrow, try to find it while you look for your camera.:)

Cant wait to see the today pictures!

Katlynn's Momma said...

I just found my camera the other day. I had a little help loosing it... Plus I think my brain has gone on vacation while I am pregnant, I have lost 2 debit/credit cards also. Sheeze.

I hope you find yours. And I was amazed at the size of the tree or lack of. That inspires me to be able to see what things start out looking like and what they can become.