Saturday, June 21, 2008

Secrets To Drawing Realistic Faces Ch. 1-3

Here is my self-portrait line drawing after finishing chapters 1-3 in "Secrets To Drawing Realistic Faces" by Carrie Stewart Parks.

Chapter 1 - Materials and Supplies
Carrie discusses various materials and supplies, but basically all you really need is pencil, paper and a BIG eraser!

Chapter 2 - The Problem
This chapter is most interesting as the author discusses perceptions and memorized facial patterns. These memorized patterns get in the way of really seeing what you are drawing. Additionally there are before and after student portraits. One of the students is 7 years old and her work is amazing!

Chapter 3 - Site
Here we start getting into the meat of the book. Carrie shows us several methods to use to help get the right proportions. Very useful chapter.

I am enjoying this book and really believe that it will help me become a better artist.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

How cool this is to hear about this book from you!! That is a pretty cool picture you drew - since I have a photo, I can see you are such learning some neat things!!

~ Diane Clancy

Frances said...

that is interesting. It is taking it back to a simpler line, more definite. I like seeing this learning process.

Frances said...

I wonder, is it hard to draw self-portraits because we feel different from what photos tell us we are and even the mirror tells us a different story every time? When we draw from photos, do we try and draw the picture or ourselves?

Nora said...

Great improvement already, Bobbie!

Neda said...

You are saving me a lot of reading! I like the contour drawing..

Did you ever try "blind drawing?" It's when you follow the object with your eyes and let the pen follow what you see without looking down at the paper. I am sure someone more clever and artsy can explain the process better than me :)

Deef said...

Je ne sais pas dessiner, aussi je ne pourrai pas t'aider, mais je trouve que tu fais des progr├Ęs. Ton auto-portrait est de plus en plus ressemblant, bravo ;))

John said...

wait, I saw that face on a poster at the post office