Monday, August 20, 2007

Bluebird Cafe

Rima just added a new recipe over at the Bluebird Cafe so mosey on over and have a look around. Matter of fact, the Bluebird is needing recipes so if you have any laying around that you'd like to submit, just use the email function on the blog to send them to me and I will thank you heartily!


Rima said...

Yay! Now that it's official, I can't wait to see what everyone has in stock (or in their pantry, or fridge - oooh, bad puns).

Seriously, though, I love the easy, tasty recipes you've started gathering. Especially the southwestern-influenced ones, yum.

Debi said...

Holy Smoke! (Detector)

Look at all those recipes over here. How the heck have I missed this treasure trove of pictures and recipes? Of course, I would come over here on the first day of a DIET. D'oh!

No, actually, they look wonderfully healthy. Wowwee. I especially enjoy new recipes while I'm dieting and here is the answer to my quest.

Neda said...

I always wanted to ask you abt the Blue Bird Cafe...When I first started blogging I only visited it...what's the story behind it?

I wish I could contribute but you'd be sued by the entire blogging pol=ulation for food poisoning!