Sunday, August 26, 2007

Eliza in her glory

Like Frances, I kinda got stuck in the oneness of this image. I used several features but think I like (filter, cutout, fade cutout) best.


Rima said...

I love cutout too, I use it a whole lot, it gives a very seventies feel to pictures. I like what you did with the bathing beauty, she looks dreamy. I'm working on the wall today, so you'll enjoy the rest as well.

Neda said...

Looks like watercolors..very appropriate. Love the way you played with the chiaroscuro effect: her white hair glows.

Bobbie said...

You stretch me, Neda. I had to lookup chiaroscuro and found a name for a look I love:

Main Entry: chiar·oscu·ro

1 : pictorial representation in terms of light and shade without regard to color
2 a : the arrangement or treatment of light and dark parts in a pictorial work of art b : the interplay or contrast of dissimilar qualities (as of mood or character)
3 : a 16th century woodcut technique involving the use of several blocks to print different tones of the same color; also : a print made by this technique
4 : the interplay of light and shadow on or as if on a surface
5 : the quality of being veiled or partly in shadow

I like the look of broad blocks of color and would like to achieve that effect.

Frances said...

I love that, she looks as if she is all sandy and about to rinse off.
Brilliant effects - makes it look very meaty.

Debi said...

I like this one a lot. Elegant simplicity is your specialty. And like you, I had never heard of chiaroscuro and am glad to know it. (I must also learn how to pronounce it).

This effect reminds me also a bit of screen printing, don't you think?