Tuesday, August 28, 2007

If on this Summer's evening

I should step outside

and feel the damp of the night

and hear the rustle of the wind

I would look up and find your star

and see your smiling face

and your bright blue eyes

gazing back at me

If on this Summer's evening

I should step outside


This poem was written in response to Fawzan's Poetry Challenge II


Rima said...

Oh, beautiful! I envy all this facility with writing poetry. You really do write beautifully. Love it.

He's in Florida (such a hard life, poor him) but will be back in a couple of days. I'll hack into his blog in the meantime, and let you know what we can mess up in there - are you with me? if not, I can always get Frances

Neda said...

Bobbie, your poem is the last thing I will read tonight before going to sleep...I don't want anything spoiling my mood after I have experienced such etheral beauty. You are the best!

Frances said...

Lovely poem, Bobbie - like the form as well.

Sweet Irene said...

Very nice, Bobby. Such talented people we have around here!

Neda said...

Are you playing tricks with my mind??? Or did you just add this resplendent moonscene?? Do you ever sleep, my dear? I am having so much fun seeing all the sides of your kind and creative self, Bobbie :)

Bobbie said...

Neda, I didn't think anyone would notice that I added this picture so you are very observant! This was an old photo that was blurry because it was taken in the evening in very low light and hand-held. I fixed up in Photoshop and I was rather pleased at how it came out with a few filters (which I forget all I did but I think it was cutout and dry brush mostly). I appreciate everyones encouragement and am having such a good time!

Debi said...

Oh Mom, I love this poem! I adore it! I am so glad to see a new work by you. I always enjoyed your poetry so much. Like your artwork, you have the most tender touch. It's wonderful and I love the image with it too.

Frances said...

Came to say - cheeky girl, uploading a pic afterwards... and found everyone had got there first. It is a really fitting picture, adds to the melancholy yearning of the poem.

Beverley said...

That's a lovely poem. And a beautiful accompanying picture.

Debi said...

I'm sure your beautiful poem and picture inspired me -- perhaps not even so subconsciously. Remember our shared poetry days?

dianeclancy said...

That is very beautiful!

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

Hey, Bobbie - did you change the frame around your header? or am I losing my eyesight again?