Tuesday, September 25, 2007

I've been tagged!

I've been tagged by Frances where she says:
Name four places you have lived.
Four foods you like.
Four places you have been on vacation
Four places you would rather be.

1. I've lived in New Mexico, New Hampshire, Lebanon and Egypt. I was born in Mississippi. I've lived in 9 different states, in 3 different countries, and in over 100 different houses. Amazing huh?
2. I love lobster, crabs, chili rellenos, and right now with the pears ripe on my tree, pear crumble. (I'll be posting the receipe on thebluebirdcafe soon)!
3. Padre Island, Texas USA; Puerto Vallarta, Mexico;New Mexico; Well mostly I just work and stay around home.
4. My garden, Strolling on a beach, Three Rivers NM, Right here in my home sweet home, I like it here.

Debi, You have been tagged!


Neda said...

What do you mean 100 different houses?? No wonder you love your HOME and your lovely garden now. You seem like you made it into a peaceful haven.

You know, I never had chili rellenos, please explain). Love Padre but prefer the more quaint Mustang Island to the north (and Port Aransas), have you visited them?

Love that Texas bench too!

Rima said...

100? Wow! Now that makes your love for this present home even more special.

Neda is now officially stripped of her Lone Starity. Chile Rellenos is simply the most marvelous Tex-Mex concoction of queso cheese-filled, lightly battered, deep-fried peppers - and the best ones are served in that Mexican restaurant in Enfield accross from the hospital.

Beverley said...

!. Knarnesborough, Cleethorpes, Leeds, Hull
2. Fish and chips, prawn cocktail, yorkshire pudding filled with beef, prawn crackers
3. Sicily, Scotland, Ireland, France
4. Taormina in Sicily, top of Ben Nevis, watching an involving thriller, in a pub standing at the bar watching the barman filling my glass with foaming brew

Beverley said...

PS Love your stars and stripes bench and squirrel. Are those yours? Reminds me of my green bench and rabbit.

Frances said...

Another nomad - I know the feeling.
So have you put your roots down now?
I've never been to the USA, so we need some pictures - LOL
How long did you live in Egypt? Where? Cairo? I've only been to Alexandria - in the harbour!
I've never had pear crumble, though I love crumbles in general. Are your pears cooking pears?

dianeclancy said...

Wow - 100 different houses!! That is impressive!!

It is fun to find out more about you.

~ Diane Clancy

Rima said...

I just went in closer to look at the bench image - beautiful work, Bobbie - now you're applying photo tinting principles to photoshop - you are just soooo amazing, you very cool and great grannie.

Neda said...

Just to let you know: Alfonso participated in the 2 things challenge too...

Bobbie said...

Rima, that was your suggestion to use cutout on the blog header and thank you very much.

Neda, I checked in on Alfonso's blog and what an amazing and fun entry!

Frances, I've had my roots down now since 1988 or so. Amazing to live in one place that long. It seem my wander lust is cured somewhat. I am not able to traipse around the world anymore, but if I could be beamed somewhere it would be wonderful! Beam me up, Scottie!