Saturday, September 22, 2007

Wishes For Hala

Hala, I hope you had a good day today and that God continues to bless you with light, healing, courage and recovery. These flowers are some Mexican Hats from my flower garden.


Sweet Irene said...

Bobbie. leave it up to you to remember someone when we all seem to have forgotten and moved on with our lives. That is a very beautiful mandala. You are such a kind woman. I haven't made anything for Hala, as I don't know how to make those kinds of things with Paint Shop yet, but I am glad that you are making such pretty things for her. I never knew what Mexican Hats looked like.

dianeclancy said...

Bobbie, this is very sweet for you to do this ... Hala, if you are reading the comments, we are all rooting for you!!!! Hugs!!!

~ Diane Clancy

Beverley said...

The best sort of get well wishes with a lovely magical mandala.

Frances said...

So pretty, hope she looks at it and it cheers her up, poor darling.

Rima said...

Thank you so much, you are kindness personified. Such a delicate and beautiful mandala - and so heartwarming. I am sure that all this positive energy you are sending her way is helping. She always mentions how grateful she is for all the good wishes.

Debi said...

Looking at the larger image of this mandala is striking. It matches the beauty of Hala's courage. Like Irene wrote, you've reminded us to remember her and to keep her in our prayers.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Bobbie,
Email me at for ordering info.


Frances said...

I've tagged you when you have time, Bobbie to answer these questions and to pass it on.

Name four places you have lived.
Four foods you like.
Four places you have been on vacation
Four places you would rather be.