Sunday, October 14, 2007

Blog Action Day Oct 15th 2007

This is my entry for Rima's Wall of works commemorating Blog action Day.

We must change! We cannot continue trashing our planet like we did in 1957 when folks had never heard the word "environment". Back then DDT was sprayed regularly and no one gave it a second thought. Our manufacturing was dirty and polluted the air. Cities were grimy. Nuclear bombs were built and tested in my home state of New Mexico. But this is not 1957, still we have the same environmental issues as back then and more. Here in the Longview, Texas area we have regular ozone alert days, especially in the hot summer. It is always blamed on the gulf winds bringing pollution from Houston and Dallas. We take no responsibility for our bad air and make no noticeable change to improve it.

I've been posting early blog action day posters (here and here ) and you might wonder where I got such great images to use. Sadly I got them within walking distance of my home. Some, such as this photo, taken on my own property. I regularly clean up my road frontage and it is a constant battle between me and the non caring public. I have picked up such a variety of stuff, some I won't mention here, but is mostly beer bottles/cans, cigarette packages, and fast food packaging. When I was younger I picked up trash in a 2 mile radius, but now I only clean my property and adjacent properties about 1500 feet on both sides. Sometimes I ask myself why I continue with this battle and my answer is that I care. I also ask myself how can I help others to care. So far I haven't found an answer but have explored many hair-brained ideas :)

So, I am asking others to care about our world. To cease treating our planet like it is disposable. To stop making war on our neighbors and killing the environment and people at the same time.

We must change, we can change, we will change!


belinha said...

Hello Bobbie!I think that the future will not be easy on our descendants.But we must do what we can to help. It's not easy.When I was at highschool we never spoke about environment.Even polution was a remote problem not the kind of problem that one might face in such a rural country like this one was8and still is in many ways).Then everything changed really fast as we become aware that we all live in the same place.There are no borders for environment problems.I think that is worth to fight for it.My grandmother died last March with 93 years old.She worked in the fields when she was young and even before we realize the change she was saying that the clima was going crazy!I'm glad you liked my collage.It's not perfect because I'm with a kind of cold and without much patience.There is another message to it kind of naughty.Here when someone in a married couple is cheating we say that the one cheated is the last to know because many times it happens.That person is called "cornudo" that means with horns.My collage has horns too.I think that governemts and big companies are cheating on us many times and do not undergo the best options towards environment preservation.So I wanted to say that we must pay attention, be aware, ask, search for information.We should not trust everything we see or everything that we are told.Or we will be the last ones to know and by then nothing can be done to save the environment!:-)

Rima said...

Hear, hear, Bobbie! Very well put. We also have many, many smog alerts in and around Toronto. I often have to keep my children indoors because of that - this is insanity! And we are doing this to ourselves. We should know better - we do know better, but we decide to make the wrong choices.

I think we need to talk about these issues all the time.

Julie said...

Well said!!

Beverley said...

I think that manufacturers make far too much pointless packaging. If you look at one Macdonalds meal the amount of packaging that then has to be thrown away is disgraceful.

I often see kids throwing down drinks bottles without a thought and often remonstrate with them. It is the fault of individuals, but change must also come from the manufacturers or through legislation. Well done, Bobbie! Keep up the good work!

Lisa Sarsfield said...

Hi Bobbie, thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog. I followed it to here and have genuinely enjoyed reading your posts. I recognise a few other names here too! I also see we both have posts on the Maraya galleries website. The internet makes this world so small sometimes! Anyway, thanks for the good read and for what your doing to help protect our environment. I have subscribed to your posts!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie, great post! I think the fact that we care is what will end up saving this earth. We all need to do it even if we think we are alone or it doesn't matter - cause it does!!

~ Diane Clancy

Krissy said...

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