Saturday, October 06, 2007

Getting a Headstart on Blog Action Day

This is a photoshopped picture of my woods in East Texas. Looks wonderful and serene doesn't it? Like the hand of man has never touched it. But when we bought this property I single handedly picked up 9 dumpsters of trash out of these woods. Even today it continues to be an uphill battle. Beer bottles, fast food wrappings, and yes even disposable baby diapers (what are mommies thinking?). It is like seeing a pile of litter gives you permission to throw out your own. I care, do you?

p.s. I reworked the text on this image at Sue's suggestion and voila! What do you think?


Sweet Irene said...

In the Netherlands too it is incredible what people will dump out in the woods. They are so anti social! Huge fines out to be handed out to the culprits and I guess they are if they are caught. Sneaky people dump in the night time. Even asbestos and chemicals. It's a strange world we live in!

Beverley said...

I remember what you said when I did my last Two Things Challenge about people round where you live testing your patience! I also remember this lovely picture when you did it.

We also have people dropping litter all over the place round here and I will often challenge them on the spot. We also have local councillors spending their spare time clearing grass verges of litter, and they are usually ladies who have life experience and who have brought up families like yourself, the backbone of society!

We try to think about animals when we dispose of our litter, and will always pull apart the plastic rings surrounding beer cans so no animal can get their legs trapped in them.

Beverley said...

Bobbie, I have just been shopping and while we were there me and my husband was talking about the comment you left about living in Roswell, and New Mexico, and whether that meant you lived near the famous 'Roswell Incident' and would be interested to hear if you did.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

The image is beautiful. I can feel the sunlight on the trees and I would love spending time there. I have favorite places, too, that I see littered with trash all the time. Beaches, forests..very sad.
Let me know if you want a bit of feedback on your image.

Frances said...

It is infuriating, isn't it? When I lived in North London, we regularly used to go to nearby Epping Forest for walks and picnics. Lots of families went there for a day out at the weekend, or for a picnic after school and people rode horses there, flew model airplanes and the rest. BUT we regularly came across cars which had been stolen, driven to the forest and just set on fire, or cannibalised. Incredible, in such a spot!
Not as bad as the Mediterranean, I guess, where developers regularly set forest fires so that they can have building permission in the devastated areas.

Rima said...

Wow, Bobbie! this is powerful - and I also feel the same about the poster you sent me and that i will be uploading on the website.

Thankfully, Canadians are mostly quite responsible, and do try to take care of their environment. Not perfect, but still, better than in a lot of places I've seen.

Bobbie said...

I always think that God has a lesson for me and has been testing my patience since I was little. He gives me a neighbor that piles all of his garbage in one large heap and has over 50 junk cars scattered around his property. No, he did not own the property when we bought here. I am learning patience and tolerance, but am a hard study! I do feel sometimes that all my efforts are futile, but that doesn't stop me from continuing with my humble efforts. I remember too, that I must pick up trash for my ignorant neighbor.

Yes Beverly, I do come from the famous and infamous Roswell where the UFO's landed in 1947. I was 5 years old and so very excited when I heard that aliens had landed, only to be disappointed the next day when it was declared a hoax. We forgot this incident until the 1980's or so when it was turned into a tourist attraction. teehee.
Roswell is actually probably a lot like Hull, England in that it is an agricultural/ranching region nestled in the Pecos Valley. It is a quiet little town of about 40,000 people.

Sue O'Kieffe said...

Hi Bobbie, I like this yellow text really well. Are you happy with it?

Bobbie said...

Yes, much better than the blue which didn't go with anything :) The font is OLIVEOIL :)

Rima said...

I like the new font colour better as well. Olive oil?!! I have to look it up, it's hilarious!

Did I ever mention how I use the dropper tool to pick a colour from inside my image when I want to frame or add text? It makes guesswork a lot shorter!!

Neda said...

Ah! I love these gold-colored leaves shimmering in the sun. What a vibrant homage and how lucky you live by such beautiful environment (how can these sacriligeous punks disfigure such a heavenly sanctuary?!). I love your interpretation. Wow!!!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie, this is great!! It has such a painterly quality to this image now ... really great.

~ Diane Clancy