Monday, October 29, 2007

Green Feathery Weed

I love this green feathery weed and have actually let it grow in my flower garden once. It looks great all summer, sort of ferny, then in fall it gets these whitish flowers that look so lacy. I have camera in hand waiting for autumn color but I don't think we will have much year as there has been very little so far.

We got out dogs houses and chicken/guinea coops ready for winter this past weekend, we still have more to do but are closing in on it. I have special heating pads that fit inside the dog houses and thermostat cubes that cause them to come on when the temperature gets down to 45 deg. so they stay nice and toasty. The chickens/guineas have heat lamps on cubes but I'd like to find something that safely gives off good heat but does not disturb their sleep. dh is hatching some late guinea eggs from a nest and so we will have winter babies to keep warm too.


dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

I am not surprised you treat your animals so well - clearly you are a very passionate animal lover (as I am too). Neat to hear about the details.

This is a pretty mandala ... I keep certain weeds in my garden on purpose. Though I am embarrassed to admit all the weeds stayed this year.

Next year hopefully I will do better!

~ Diane Clancy

Julie said...

Guinea pigs?? I Ha da beloved pet names "Miss Piggy" as a child. :)

This is my most favorite mandala yet!!! OUTSTANDING!! Love the texture, "fineness" and the color!!

Sue O'Kieffe said...

it looks like a cathedral ceiling. you also give me an idea about my next tutorial.

stay tuned!
~Sue O'Kieffe

Beverley said...

Wow! This does not look like a weed, it looks magnificent. I also thought it looked like something you would find in a cathedral. It combines the fine complex shapes of nature with the regular patterns of art. Something very special about this.

I too get extra hay for my guineas in winter. I think hay is the warmest thing. Sometimes when I pick them up they are as warm as toast!

dianeclancy said...

Hi Bobbie,

I just want to make sure you got my emails.

Thank you,
~ Diane Clancy

Neda said...

The mandala looks like a delicate Oriental silk carpet. Just beautiful!

Living on a farm must be so much fun!

Sweet Irene said...

It's a very lovely mandala, Bobbie, but then again, I like all your mandalas, because you do have the gift.

Sandollar said...

Lovely mandala...

I haven't seen a guinea in ages. They used to roam (wild) in our neighborhood...and were better than the best watch dog! Barb

belinha said...

You have chicken and guinea pigs?!!My nephew would love it!Every time he goes to the zoo he gets crazy!He really likes animals.He made the monster Pumpkin almost alone.I gave a little help but all choices are his:the colors,the 3 legs, those baby arms.I think it is really good collage!!:-)

Debi said...

Really beautiful...and to think such a fabulous creation came from a "lowly weed." Your Photoshop skills have grown by leaps, Mom. I couldn't be more pleased.